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  • Creative Writing B.A., minor in Theatre (2015)
  • Fairport High School (2010)

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  1. Thank you so much for your “you feel like shit” questionnaire. It has been really helpful in my life many times and I just wanted to thank whoever was responsible, personally. So often in my life, I have felt like shit. :( Your work helped me to at least get to a baseline of wellness. Your guide is a really caring gift to the rest of us.

    My gratitude.
    Claire Kooyman

  2. Absolutely wonderful to stumble upon your flowchart. I am sharing it far and wide and I am so grateful for your insightful and balanced attitude towards self care. It is a wonderful resource on days when you need someone to tell you to do the things. Endless thank you, Jace. <3

  3. Could you please add an option around the “did you take your meds” section? Maybe the reason the person didn’t take their meds is because they’re out and they need to order them.

  4. What a cool idea it instanly got me out of my discomforts and made me look outside the box. Irealy didnt think anything could help but this did because I was helping myself and thats the hardest to do sometimes but it worked! Definetleysharing this on facebook its amazing!

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