Teen Book Festival: Rochester, NY

In these first few weeks of blogging, I have been rushing to get some content up, and hoped to stick to a once-weekly blogging schedule. However, I wanted to give this update in time for people to act on the information!

The Teen Book Festival, in my hometown of Rochester, NY, feels like my baby. Or at least my nephew. I was around for its inception (though as a student volunteer and unofficial advisor) and I’m so proud that it’s still going strong today!

It takes place this Saturday, May 17th, at Nazareth College, and it’s completely free! Laurie Halse Anderson, author of Speak, will be in attendance, and I urge you to go if only to see her. She’s super nice, and her presentations are constantly A+ quality. Other notables are Simone Elkeles, Terry Trueman, and Ellen Hopkins. If you are anywhere near the area, it’s an opportunity you really can’t miss!


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